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Name:High-frequency rectifier power supply series
The advantages of high frequency switch power supply
●Light weight, small volume due to the high frequency technology and remove the power frequency transformer (50 hz), compared with the phased rectifier, in the case of the output the same power, the volume of a switching power supply is only 1/10 of the phased rectifier, weight was close to 1/10。
●The power factor of power factor is high, the phased rectifier changes over the conduction Angle of silicon controlled rectifier, generally in the whole conduction, but close to 0.7, above, and to old trafford and cutting, but about 0.3. After correction of general switch power supply power factor above 0.93, and is not affected by load change basically。
●Audible noise is low, in phased rectifier equipment, power frequency transformer and the filtering inductance when the audible noise big, generally greater than 60 db, and switching power supply in the case of no fan of audible noise is only about 45 db。
●With high efficiency, switching power supply with power device generally less power consumption, with the power factor compensation switch power supply, the efficiency of the whole machine can reach more than 88% and good can be done by more than 92%。
●Small impact current and impact on current can be limited at the rated input current levels。
●Modular structure, due to the small volume, light weight, can be designed as modular structure。
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