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Name:Silicon controlled cycle reversing rectifying power supply
一、Product use
●Suitable for all kinds of need to output positive and negative phase switch, can meet the electroplating, plating oil removal, electrolysis, electrochemical and sewage treatment and other industrial requirementss。
二、Product characteristics
●Silicon controlled cycle reversing electroplating power supply is designed for low voltage large current ripple designed hard chromium plating power source, has been widely used in electroplating the wear-resistant parts industry。
●Three-phase rectifier transformer with five poles, no balance reactor, than six phase half wave transformer power saving 10%, also can use twelve phase rectifier output, can effectively eliminate the harmonic pollution to power network.。
●Power supply with automatic timing functions, automatic control step 1-3 working state, can better realize the chrome layer thickness, hardness, wear resistance and other quality control。
●Power supply has the voltage stability limit flow or steady flow pressure limiting function, control and display accuracy of 1% or less。
●With output over-current, overheating and input devices lack of equal protection functions, stable and reliable product structure is reasonable, all seal electronic components, reduce the external ring The influence of boundary of equipment internal components。
●Control system can choose the digital control and analog control or RS485 communication control, also can do 4-20 ma, 0 to 10 v standard interface control signal。
三、Product technical indicators
●The input voltage: three phase four wire AC380V plus or minus 15%
●Output voltage: 36 v or less
●Output current: 500 a - 30000 - a
●Control accuracy: 1% or less rating
●Operation mode: Voltage or steady flow
●Cooling: Air cooling
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